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Breaking down the HCCA-OIG Resource Guide

June 5, 2017

Breaking down the HCCA-OIG Resource Guide

Hot off the press! Our latest Podcast is available, join us as we break down the HCCA-OIG Resource Guide. The resource guide was put together with a number of compliance professionals and staff from the department of Health & Human Services. The goal was to discuss ways to measure effectiveness within a compliance program.

The episode features Ahmed Salim, a Compliance Professional, and Brad Phillips, Director of Sales for Compliatric.

For our new listeners, Comply Guys & Compliatric have created this podcast series in order to help compliance professionals build their program. Every podcast we will discuss a new compliance issue and provide insight on how to ensure your organization is following best practices.

  • In this episode we will cover:
  • Opportunities to measure an organization’s effectiveness
  • How to identify areas of weakness within your program
  • Conducting surveys of employees understanding to measure effectiveness
  • How to use the guide to help improve any issues your organization may have
  • Direct link to the guide:

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