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Enforcing Standards Through Well-Publicized Guidelines

April 19, 2017

Enforcing Standard through Well-Publicized Guidelines

An important element to any Compliance Program is Enforcing Standards through Well-Publicized Guidelines. The episode features Ahmed Salim, a Compliance Professional, and Brad Phillips, Director of Sales for Compliatric.

For our new listeners, Comply Guys & Compliatric have created this podcast series in order to help compliance professionals build their program. Every podcast we will discuss a new compliance issue and provide insight on how to ensure your organization is following best practices.

In this episode we will cover:

  • How to Communicate Standards
  • Training Employees on Standards
  • Keeping employees up to date on any changes
  • Implementing Corrective Actions
  • Maintaining Consistency

For questions or information about Complyguys please contact: or go to, or for questions or information about Compliatric please contact: or go to

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